The Journey

& story of Author, Artist & Motivational Speaker SIR Evans

Quality SIRvice

In March 2016, Sir launched Quality Sirvice, LLC. The main objective of his business is to inspire, empower and motivate individuals who are striving to overcome weight concerns, while also providing encouragement to those coping with traumatic events and loss. Sir assists clients by helping them identify goals and together they formulate an action plan to accomplish those goals. Quality Sirvice also provides a much more personal perspective through the “SIRreal Life” which sheds light on the creative journey that forms this business of empowerment.

Sir Evans is no stranger to loss. In 2006 he lost his mother, in 2009 he lost his sister and in 2018 he lost his father. Instead of allowing those experiences to take him to a place of deep depression, he used them to inspire, empower and motivate himself which later turned into a business that does the same for others.

After the death of his mother, he decided to move back home to Ohio and attend college because he believed that would make his mother proud. Over a decade ago, he weighed in at over 500 pounds and at that point he began to lose hope in tomorrow. After years of him telling himself he would work out and eat right he still was overweight. But he came to the realization that if God was continuing to wake him up every morning, then he would just take each day one day at a time.

So he began changing his lifestyle one day at a time. He began working out each day and focused all of his energy on what was important on that particular day. The negativity he experienced was converted into positive energy and tragedy transformed into triumph.

In August 2018, Sir releases his debut book titled “You’re Going to Be Just Fine: Morning Motivations One Day at a Time.” He created this book based on the motivational email list he developed in 2016. He began sending out motivational emails to coworkers who then began referring their friends to the email list. After leaving his job, he continued sending out the messages via text message to over 200 people and after multiple requests, Sir turned those messages into a book for the world to read releasing August 2018.


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