Have you ever noticed how powerfully a good book, movie, or TV series can captivate your attention? I was watching a really good series on Netflix recently and found myself hooked into the plot and the characters. By the time I got to a certain episode, I needed to take a break from it because I was so mad about how the storyline had unraveled. It’s funny because I have done this in the past and completely forgotten to revisit the show altogether.

By the time I got back around to it, I slightly regretted taking a break from the show because the plot twist turned around and it ended up being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Oftentimes it’s the storylines that capture our emotions or our minds that have the greatest impact on us. Ironically, it’s the situations that we encounter in real life that share the same effect. Sometimes we can reach certain seasons and chapters in our lives, where we just want to stop reading or watching what’s going on. Life is a conglomerate of unpredictable events, and sometimes it will require all of our strength to turn the page.

It’s ok to take a break and it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed! This is the real world we’re facing, not some reality show. Don’t get so lost in your thoughts and emotions that you forget that your book isn’t complete. Don’t let this season of life deter you from finishing the show. Faith is understanding you’re going to be just fine despite life’s plot twist. Joy is being at peace with that understanding. A few rough episodes won’t ruin your series.

“A few rough episodes won’t ruin your series “.

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