Ohio isn’t one of those places where you can do the same type of activities and endeavors all year round. People don’t tend to paint their houses or redo their roofs in the wintertime, because it’s a nearly impossible task. The elements won’t permit such a task to be accomplished. But even in places like Texas, workers must be more cautious about the summer heat than the winter. That way they avoid the risk of becoming sick due to the extremely hot temperatures.


Some projects, jobs, and tasks in our lives are seasonal as well. Some endeavors may have to take a back seat to others due to their level of priority in our lives. Even if it feels like it’s the right season to achieve it, that doesn’t mean it’s the best season to achieve it. For instance, what if you needed to paint your home and replace your roof and it’s the beginning of summer? However, you only have enough funds and resources to get one of these tasks done. What would you do? You would pick the one that’s more important to you at the time and wait on the other one right?  


“Timing is the currency required to complete the desired goal. But if you don’t have the time, it will have to wait”! 

Well, the same is true of goals we desire and timing. Timing is the currency required to complete the desired goal. But if you don’t have the time to complete it then it doesn’t matter how bad you want it, it will have to wait! This doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a setback, but it does need to be recognized so that there is a sense of peace. Especially when life begins to pull you into separate directions that you can’t go to all at once.  

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