Sometimes I have to travel for work and depending on the season, some travel times can be busier than others. Oftentimes I will stay in a hotel for a few days, take care of the business that was required of me, and try to see the town while I am there before departing. Some of the places I have visited, I really enjoyed such as Seattle, Washington in the summer or Austin, Texas in the spring.

On the other hand, there were some places that I wasn’t that fond of, which shall remain anonymous! The point is, that I went there with an objective in mind but I didn’t have to stay there. Some trips were shorter than others and some of those trips “I” decided to extend my time because I wanted to see more of what the city had to offer. Our emotions and thoughts are very similar to these encounters. Every emotion has its purpose, from anger to happiness, yet many times we spend too much time in places that we are not required to stay. Grief is one emotion I learned this from firsthand, grief has various stages and it’s presented with different faces. It initially impacted my emotions and then it began to affect my thinking. I had been grieving so long, that I didn’t realize I didn’t have to stay in that state of mind. Sure, I had to go there, but I didn’t have to stay there.

“We spend too much time in places that we are not required to stay. .”

Keep in mind that there is also travel time associated with these emotions and thoughts and some may require additional time to return home than others. This is vital to remember before taking the trip because we must ask ourselves is it worth it? For example, if you know you’re angered easily, but it takes you longer to cool down than it does to heat up, then was it really worth it to even take that flight? Some trips are required, some are not. Some are worth extending and some are not! Its up to you to be wise enough to discern the difference, but keep in mind, you don’t have to stay there!


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