Have you ever found yourself in pursuit of an uncatchable object or goal? Not only could you not catch it but you were somehow motivated to chase something that either wasn’t capable of being captured or once you finally did, it just didn’t meet the gratification you hoped for?

Well, during a life group discussion at my church recently, we were having a discussion on Ecclesiastes 1:12-15. The part that stood out for me in the reading was a verse that basically said, everything going on under the sun is like chasing after the wind. Which makes one wonder, when was the last time you were able to grasp wind? When was the last time you grabbed a fist full of air and stashed it in a bag?

“what are you chasing?”

Mistakes are a part of life and although they could happen anywhere and at any time, its best to learn from our mistakes in the midst of good company instead of learning the hard way in bad one. Embrace home for what its worth and identify where you stand with mistakes and how they are impacting your life.

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