In life, there is nothing more devastating than disappointment. Disappointment can be used to destroy faith and it may even flourish your own beliefs. It all boils down to how you react in the aftermath of dissatisfaction or inconvenience because this will dictate whether you succeed or fail at achieving true joy later on in life.

Disappointment has a way of leaving us feeling unheard and unimportant. However, there is always something to take away from it if we know how to look for the lesson in its aftermath. In my experience with life-changing disappointments, I have been able to grow. That growth was met by being grateful that disappointment happened. Therefore, now I can learn what not to do when faced with such an event again!

“It all boils down to how you react in the aftermath”.

One powerful way of responding in times of difficulty or crisis is mastering disappointment. Rather than letting yourself get bogged down by negative thoughts such as self-pity or anger at God for not answering your prayers. Oftentimes we become frustrated when prayers aren’t answered correctly like you had hoped He would have done. Which will only stunt your spiritual growth instead of fostering healthy relations with Him.

Try turning those feelings around by asking better questions. Such as; What are some things I’m grateful for? Who am I thankful to know? How has this situation led me closer into my relationship with my creator?”. Another good question I began asking myself years ago was “What is it that I’m supposed to get from this situation or season?” Instead of simply asking “Why me?” Perspective is everything, even in the face of disappointment.

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