Picture This: I have a friend who is a psychologist and another who is a lawyer. I have a friend who is a physical trainer and another who is an accountant. They all do work for me in their respected fields, however, one day I get fed up with a physical trainer for not helping me with my budget! The next day I’m upset with the accountant for not making me a meal plan. Stop me if any of this seems odd or out of place.

I use this analogy because sometimes we fault those around us in the same manner. We sometimes get frustrated at others for not helping us build the way we want them to, without acknowledging how they ARE helping us. On the other hand, we also expect those who are incapable of building with us to do so. I understand that we don’t often want to ask the people in our circle for various things to help us grow. We want them to see an opportunity to assist and do it! But everybody isn’t designed like that.

I’m sure that there may be people around you that deserve the boot! But these days we are quicker to cancel others because they don’t think or react like us. By taking the extra time to be open-minded we can see more and learn more. Perhaps you’re waiting on someone to pick up a brick and help you build when their hands are already full of lumber. Sometimes we can be so focused on laying down our foundation and get upset when someone close to us is trying to design the roof. Yet, we overlook that they understand the top better than we do. Working together requires understanding & Understanding comes before unity.

“Perhaps you’re waiting on someone to pick up a brick & help you build when their hands already full of lumber. Understanding comes before unity”.