I spent almost the entire week last week working on one task! I was learning new software and to make a long story short I had a lot to learn, that I wasn’t prepared for! Most of the time when I find myself doing a task that I really don’t want to do it’s easy to consider it a waste of time. Especially if it takes up more time than I initially anticipated. However, I didn’t feel that way about this task at all.

That’s because I knew that if I didn’t take the time to learn the software now, then I would have to pay for it later financially and with more time! The task cost me more time but the value of the time spent was more beneficial than the cost. What’s more important to you in life right now? How much time something cost? or how much value you can get for your time? They are not the same and we must be mindful not to treat them the same. If you could buy a plane ticket anywhere in the world and the price was the same 50.00, where would you go?

What if you could buy any house you ever wanted for a dollar? I’m sure you visualize as you’re reading this what it would look like? Maybe by the ocean, or overlooking the city. Perhaps it would be a small cottage in the mountains or a palace in Dubai. Our perception of this “dream home” or destination would ultimately look differently. This is because the details that we “value” in the property would vary. Cost is important, but even if you remove it from the equation you’re always going to seek the value in something no matter how good or bad it is.  Be wise with your time and wiser with what you find value in.

“Be wise with your time and wiser with what you find value in”.