One day my mentor asked me “what does a good year look like to you, financially?” to which I gave him a number that I had in mind. He then said to me, “okay, now you have to figure out what is it going to cost you to hit that number?” For instance, if the goal was 300k over the year then my objective was to figure out the overhead associated with generating that 300k, such as marketing, booking or legal expenses. 

It wasn’t until a week or two after that initial conversation that I began to think outside of the box about the action item that he gave me. Because what it would “cost” to hit my “Good year” goal would require more than just a financial cost. In order to hit my goal its going to cost time, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical growth.

Everything within us works together for our common good. Therefore if there is an expense that needs to be covered in our lives then area area of our lives is going to have to pay the cost! Is this a challenging season for you? Have you found yourself up against challenges you didn’t expect to encounter?

“Your purpose is expensive on purpose!”

Do you feel like certain situations or tasks are costing you more than you bargained for? If so, then it’s time to take a look at the costs associated with your purpose. Because you can’t obtain your goals at a discounted rate. Your purpose is expensive on purpose! What does a good year look like to you? Once you’ve identified that answer, you must then identify what is that going to cost you? We can’t purchase what we can’t afford.