Have you ever heard the phone ringing, and decided not to answer it and then later you found out it was an important call? I think this has happened to many of us, myself included. I have encountered seasons in my life where it has felt like God went above and beyond to get my attention and contact me.

Sometimes it’s subtle, and at other times I’m striving to listen intentionally for direction in life. It’s during those abrasive moments when it feels like God “stands up” to get our attention and now feels like one of those times. The interesting thing is that most of the time it’s a one-on-one conversation however, now it feels the speech is addressed to the masses with individual messages. Your life is undoubtedly impacted by what is taking place in the world right now. It’s not simply a matter of “waiting it out” or surviving the turmoil, it’s usually about the reason. Sometimes the reason isn’t shown to us immediately but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask the question “what is it you want from me in this season”.

“God will disrupt an audience of millions just to get the attention of one”.


Clearly, doing exactly what you have been doing isn’t what God wants because you’re not doing it right now! It’s not always a drastic change or message for everybody. Sometimes it can be a subtle message or sometimes it can be a loud one, and in some cases, God will disrupt an audience of millions just to get the attention of one. Don’t be the one that missed the call, because face to face meetings are scheduled everyday.

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