Every morning I have to flip a switch. I turn on the bathroom light switch to wash my face and to brush my teeth. I turn on the living room or kitchen light to navigate my way through my home. The switch has to be flipped because it regulates the current of electricity to and from various desired destinations.

How many times do you “flip a switch on a daily basis?” How many times do flip the switch on an emotion that needs to be turned off before it becomes a problem? How often do you flip the switch to action instead of waiting or perhaps flip the switch to slow down the current running through your current situation? How often are you flipping switches on addictions, strongholds, triggers, and temptations? How frequently are you allowing the light to flow into your life versus allowing the darkness to continue shadowing your steps? Do you need new wiring? new updates?

“How many times do you “flip a switch on a daily basis?”

Are you comfortable enough to identify his on your own or has your fuse box been blown for way too long, and you’re in desperate need of a circuit breaker update? Pay attention to what switches need to be turned off and on today. Because chances are, if you’re not flipping switches, then something is broken, overheating or on its way to being one or the other.


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