I think that men are notorious for trying to put something together without attempting to read the instruction manual first. I know that I have attempted to put together furniture several times while using the instructions loosely during the building process! Much to my surprise, I end up with a few extra nuts, bolts, and screws that I’m left to “assume” were extra. However, some things demand an instruction manual be used (for example those devious craftsmen of IKEA).

More importantly, they require the building to be done in sequence. You can’t just put things together in any order that you want and expect your outcome to be superb. This is could lead to not only a long process but equipment malfunctions as well. Your growth process is something that is done in sequence. As humans, we love to “wing it” or attempt the journey without heeding instruction. Far too often we prefer to figure it out as we go we it has already been figured out and awaits our attention to the process.

I have noticed that some of my most stressful moments occurred when I attempted to do things out of order. My biggest wastes of time we’re spending on people and endeavors that were out of sequence. I was attempting to take on things that were already beyond their time or I wasn’t quite ready for. Therefore the results led to some form of malfunction in my life. Everything has an order of operations, and if you think that you can solve life’s problems without adhering to this order then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

“Everything has an order of operations”.