Did you know that some of the best movies started out as books first? Movies such as The Godfather, Color Purple & Fight Club all began as books which became best-selling books and box offices hits. What’s interesting is that movies have an amazing way of rippling across so many lives, and impacting so many people in so many ways that are impossible to foresee in the beginning.

Every story has a ripple effect, like the waves in the water. Your story and your life have ripple effects, which are carried away on the current of other people’s minds, body’s & souls. Keep in mind that your story is impacting someone, somehow, somewhere in some way. You may not feel it or see it every day, but that doesn’t stop the current from flowing. The energy from you is transferred to others in the same manner that waves are formed.

“Every story has a ripple effect, like the waves in the water.”

The water particles ‘take part’ in the wave by bumping into one another and transferring energy. Being mindful of this helps us to keep the perspective that all of our lives have a purpose. Every ripple won’t be a wave & every wave isn’t in an ocean. Some waves are in the lakes or rivers but every ripple is still in the water and has a bearing on mankind’s existence.


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