Life is like surfing. Sometimes you catch the perfect wave and everything flows smoothly, other times it’s rough, choppy and there are obstacles in your way.  The more challenging the wave, the better it feels when you ride it to shore. Life’s ups and downs are inevitable so how do we keep riding?


The Polynesian culture was known for its surfing skills. They would ride on waves and sometimes even use them in battles or rituals to gain power over water deities such as Kane Tiki. The sport has always been seen as reserved only by royalty but today anyone can learn how to ride the surf’s powerful currents. There’s always the next wave! The sea can be unpredictable, but surfers are chasing their own personal legend by seeking out the unpredictability of it all.

Life presents its own set conditions with changes happening every day at home and in your environment. Let those waves come as they may whether you’re on land or not.

Today I’ll be continuing to share a few tips that correlate life and surfing, that could be beneficial to overcoming adversities (waves) in your life.


3.      It’s all about your focus. There are a few areas that surfers focus on, two of them are their feet position and their sight. Their feet position is important because it helps them to remain balanced. Therefore, the balance is maintained by the sides of the board not the front and the back. The second point of focus is on where they want to go. They can’t spend their time looking all-around of even behind, because they’ll wipe out!

The same is true of us in life. Oftentimes we have one foot planted in the past and one foot planted in the future. Instead of balancing the present that we are engaged in. Don’t get caught up looking at the wave! Remember tip #1? Waves are inevitable! You know it’s there, Your objective is to ride it! Getting distracted by the magnitude of the problem will do more harm than good. So, be mindful to focus on where you want to go and balance what’s beside you, not what’s behind you!


“Life is like surfing. Sometimes you catch the perfect wave & other times it’s rough, choppy & there are obstacles in your way”.

4. Be prepared to wipe out. A Wipeout is a classic term used when someone is thrown off the board by a wave. As you could imagine It’s not uncommon for surfers to get wiped out every once in a while. In fact, if you aren’t getting wiped out, it is quite possible that you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. Sound familiar? Failure, defeat, or falling short in life is inevitable. If your goals have never been subjected to failure, then your goals aren’t high enough. Falling is a part of life, it comes with the territory. Being prepared to fall doesn’t mean that you expect to fall at every turn you make. However, it does mean that you have anticipated the possibility of falling in life and even contemplated how to get up or respond to it.

When you’re facing waves that you are tired of taking under, it may be time to take a different perspective. Surfing is not just for the beach anymore. So, when life throws in some unexpected twists and turns your way this year, try surfing instead of sinking with them!


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