When I was a child my mother used to have a garden. She would plant tomatoes, corn, green beans, and a few other vegetables. My siblings and I would always be bestowed with the task of making sure that the soil was tended to so that all my mother had to do was plant the seeds.

She would sometimes get upset that the animals would eat them before she had a chance to pick them, and oddly enough I was upset when things simply didn’t grow! Lol I wanted to watch the “magic” of the seeds blossom into crops, it as fascinating to me as a child. As I think about those memories, I realized there was another lesson I sometimes overlook. Sure we can be upset about what we are waiting to grow in our lives is slow to grow or never does, but its completely different to be upset and you never planted the seed. Are you waking up every day and looking at an empty field that you have yet to sow? There has been no work on the soil? Has there been any research done to determine if your location is capable of yielding what you desire?

“Sometimes it(failures) should be directed at the farmer instead of the seeds,”.

Have you made precautions to make sure your seeds were buried deep enough? Animal have not eaten them? Perhaps you don’t even have any seeds yet. Where is your frustration truly justifiable? Sometimes it should be directed at the farmer instead of the seeds, the dirt or the who you obtain the land from. Make sure your planting seeds properly and be mindful that not all seeds SIRvive.

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