When I first learned to drive, it was required for those 15 to go to driving school. My parents didn’t have the patience to teach me how to drive, so driving school was a great idea for them also. I remember the driving instructor would take us out onto the road and basically coach us as we navigated the roads.

After some confidence was developed he thought it was a bright idea to get onto the freeways Which I thought was a terrible idea!) but as you can see, I managed to survive and learned to be a pretty good driver. However, I was thinking recently; how good of a driver would I be, if we never left the parking lot. What if we never even started the car up and just sat in the parking lot, “talking” about driving?

“Good drivers are made on the road, not in the parking lot”.


Good drivers are made on the road, not in the parking lot. In order to become better, an expert or simply experienced we must be willing and able to get on the road and be challenged by the twist and turns of the journey were pursuing. You cant learn it all in the classroom and you cant complete all the actions in a season of preparation. Be sure to know the purpose of each season but don’t expect snow in the summer. Get on the road and fail faster to succeed sooner.



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