I remember driving on the freeway one day and I attempted to switch lanes without thoroughly looking first. I didn’t think there was any traffic near me, however, at the last moment I looked and noticed a car in the lane that I was attempting to merge into and I avoided an accident, I found myself feeling relieved yet very cautious at the same time, and asking myself “what if?” Have you ever been in a situation when you were afraid of a potential outcome? I know that I have been plenty of times!

Regardless of whether it was an example like the traffic scenario, we encounter these situations in our finances, relationships, or business, and more. You can probably think of a few experiences in your own life when you have taken a sigh of relief because of a situation could’ve turned out worse than it did. One thing that I have learned from these types of situations is that its more beneficial to focus on the “what if” of that situation than it is to focus on the “relief”. The relief pacifies the situation and negates the reality and severity of what just took place.

“Thinking about the “what if” and not just the “relief” will keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again..”

For example, if I was just relieved I didn’t hit the car next to me, without identifying the worst-case scenario, how I got there and how to avoid it next time, then I would be likely to repeat the cycle sooner than later. The “what if” causes us to carefully evaluate the situation. It allows us to see how the ordeal could’ve turned out “if” things were worse and as a result, we become more cautious and mindful not to make the same mistake so hastily. Thinking about the “what if” and not just the “relief” will keep us from making the same mistakes over and over again.


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