This past weekend I took a trip to Cincinnati for a conference. As my wife and I entered the city we passed so many exits that would’ve let us off of the freeway and placed us unto the streets of Cincinnati, however, these exits weren’t where we were supposed to get off at.

The traffic began to dwindle down as and there was little to no traffic by the time we reached our exit and it placed us within minutes of our final destination. We didn’t have to travel an unnecessary amount of time, luckily we didn’t get jammed up in traffic from following others to an exit that “looked” like the right one, we were good! I heard a friend of mine mention a few weeks ago how life makes him feel like he’s on the road to his goals, but there are so many exits that seem like good ones!

“So what if your exit has not come up yet, that doesn’t mean you should exit.”.

There are so many exits that have great places around them, but are those places where you’re meant to be? We live in an age where it’s so easy to see the exits of others and its even easier for others to make their life feel like it has always been the best thing in the world, without mentioning whatever negatives that were ever encountered. So what if your exit has not come up yet, that doesn’t mean you should exit. Stay the course, your destination is the best destination for you!

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