A train travels across the country from New York California in about three days’ worth of travel. When a Blue Whale is hunting for food, they can dive as deep as 1640 feet, yet can only stay submerged for up to twenty minutes at a time.

Between 18 months and two years, a baby can have as many as 50 words in their arsenal, yet it takes a lifetime to articulate to different types of people. It takes a plane about fours to travel from Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles California and 46 days to run across the country (according to the man who did it, Frank Giannino Jr.) However, it takes a second for human life to change. We are all aware of time and we are all aware of distance, yet we all take for granted how short the distance and time can be from some drastic change occurring in our lives. Sometimes these changes can be bad, although we often hope for the good. But are we praying for preparation?

“Are we praying for preparation?”.


Are we bracing ourselves not only for unexpected changes in our lives but are we also bracing ourselves for how quickly a change could occur when it actually does? Change has been more consistent than humanity, (both scientifically and spiritually). We must be mindful that as we travel through life planning for days that have yet to be bestowed upon us, that we could be introduced to eternity in the blink of an eye.

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