Hitting a new level is getting a new job promotion you wanted, hitting a new layer is learning the skill required to get the position. Leveling up is overcoming adversity, layering up is understanding that adversity. Hitting a new level is overcoming a negative situation. Peeling back a new layer is facing it, and beginning to heal the impacts of that negative situation. New levels are getting smarter, new layers involve getting wiser.

Different levels involve encounters with new devils. New layers involve encounters with new devils too. New levels can increase your mental intelligence, new layers increase your emotional intelligence & spiritual awareness. Achieving higher levels allow you to see more, but more peeling back more layers allows you to understand deeper. When you peel back layers you often reach new layers too, but you can reach new levels without ever peeling back new layers.

Be mindful that with every new level reached there should also be a layer or two peeled”.

Hence the reason so many wealthy people are unhealthy, and lack joy. Leveling up is encouraged because it looks good, but peeling back layers rarely feels as enticing. We can spend decades running to the top, with unattended demons in hot pursuit behind us, fueled by unpeeled layers. A bomb diffused early is a war-zone that doesn’t have to be cleaned up later. Be mindful that with every new level reached there should also be a layer or two peeled.



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