One thing that I have solidified in marriage is that a certain percentage of my wife does expect me to be a professional mind reader! For example, sometimes when she has something on her mind she may want me to give her space, other times she wants me to converse, however, sometimes I’m supposed to read her mind to figure out which one I should be doing lol.

This doesn’t just occur in intimate relationships, but the difference is we are able to talk about these issues and explore them comfortably. Most of the time we communicate with others in settings that are personal, and/or work-related that so much gets lost in translation. We may speak the same languages, but that doesn’t mean that we effectively communicate that language. To add an additional layer to that, most communication is nonverbal! Therefore we must be intentional we are striving to communicate. Two of the biggest reasons we run into issues while communicating are expectations and assumptions. We oftentimes assume the person we are communicating understands or we assume they understand (or we assume they should) I mention prior that everybody thinks in a way that makes sense to them, the same is true for communication.

“The biggest reasons we run into issues while communicating are expectations and assumptions.”.


Even an effective communicator must be humble enough to listen, learn and interpret the communication styles of others. Be mindful of the audience or individual you are engaged with IF you desire to communicate with them more effectively. If you don’t care, you won’t grow and people won’t care when communicating with you either.




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