Last week as I was leaving a business meeting I ran into an old friend of mine that I made music with. We’ve always been the type to bounce creative ideas off one another and knowledge was no exception. As we began to catch up, one of the first questions that he asked me was what books had I read recently. I gave him a few gems from my reading arsenal as he too began rattling off some of his most recent favorites. 

We quickly realized that we had both been reading up on very specific areas of interest and we began to exchange what we had learned from our readings and most recent journeys.

It was interesting because, although we haven’t spoken in a few years we were still on very similar paths but we had obtained different knowledge and experiences along the way. The beauty of it all is that we were able to exchange ideas with one another that we each could use in our own lives. 

“Iron sharpens Iron, but it doesn’t happen by accident”.

Im sure you’ve heard the phrase Iron sharpens Iron, but it doesn’t happen by accident. I could’ve easily reduced that conversation to five minutes and carried on with my day, but I was intentional about taking that time to “Power Up”. Sure, it helped to know that my friend was highly intelligent and I knew that our extended conversation would be fruitful. But I’m also aware that we can even learn something from a fool (Iron Sharpening Iron includes dull blades too). 

What are you learning from your community? What are you bringing back to the community to learn from you? If your flow seems slow, then it’s up to you to restore the pressure.

P.S You thought I was going to leave you hanging??? Lol Here are a few books that we discussed:

  • Screw Tape Letters C.S. Lewis
  • The E-Myth By: Michael Gerber
  • Four Hour work week: Tim Ferris
  • The Master Key System: Charles Haanel
  • The Science of Getting Rich:  Wallace Wattles
  • The Circle of Fire: Don Miguel Ruiz (Also The Four Agreements)