We have all heard the phrase “some people are only here for a season” and I’m sure that many times we’ve felt like our toxic relationships were temporary too. But as soon as they ended something else began to pop up! One reason this occurs might be because there’s toxicity within us that needs purifying before we can learn how not to be attracted or drawn into toxic friendships again. Cutting these types of friends from our lives isn’t enough; often cutting ourselves off from their negativity must happen first in order for us never to go down the same path with someone new again.

The problem is that we don’t know what’s toxic until after the fact. For example, we might think being addicted to a substance or another person is good for us because it makes us feel better in the moment. But when you look at those things from a bigger picture perspective and see how they affect our lives overall, then they’re seen as toxic.” Some people believe that we enter into our lives for seasons, and mindstates are no different. Depending on what we are going through or striving to achieve one way of thinking just doesn’t fit all situations or seasons.


“It all boils down to how you react in the aftermath”.

Some say life comes with a certain number of chapters; this could be interpreted as the time it takes to complete an entire book-a novel in which every page has meaning, not merely filler space between scenes. Some argue these chapters can vary from anything such as love stories featuring reconciliations at the end (which means happy endings) but then there’s also those tragic tales as well. The seasons of life are like a great symphony. We may experience joy and serenity in the winter, but feel melancholy when we’re going through hard times or wanting to find ourselves again.


Just as an orchestra might play during one section only for its time on stage to come full circle back around with another more lively song that reminds us there is still plenty left ahead no matter our season at this moment. If you’re struggling with how and why your circle of friends may be causing more damage than good for you or those around you, think about changing your mind before making any rash decisions. Especially when it comes to who can share their opinion and the truth with you.

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