Some people like to operate under a constant state of chaos and clutter! I am not one of those people and if you are, then this message may not be for you! Lol, In construction, there’s a phrase; “don’t put lipstick on a pig”. This refers to covering up major flaws in a home with a quick fix solution, such as painting a home but the inside is ravaged. People put lipstick on a pig, to make it more attractive, but it’s still a pig and it’s still a mess! In planning, we like to turn a blind eye to a lack of organization, but it’s still unorganized and it’s still a mess with 2021 within the next week, I’m sure you have probably thought about what the New Year may hold. Although there will be many things that remain the same in 2021, ultimately the new-year marks a new assignment.

In the midst of beginning a new assignment, it’s good to approach it with a certain level of organization that way you can clearly understand the expectations, timelines, and areas of opportunity that are present. Without that organization, we can find ourselves succumbing to a tidal wave of confusion, anxiety, and misdirection. These waves have the potential of wiping us out if we are not careful.

“Although there will be many things that remain the same in 2021, ultimately the new-year marks a new assignment.”.

One good tip for getting organized is to categorize your goals/or tasks. Some of your goals or tasks may be prerequisites (required to be completed before another can begin) for a larger one. Therefore, by organizing & categorizing, we can see the entire playing field instead of just a few yards. For instance, if your goal was financial stability, you would also have a task to create a plan, a budget, improve the budget, decrease debt, and not necessarily in that order. However, by listing the task out you can see what needs to be done and work smarter instead of harder by doing tasks in the order they’re required instead of the order you desire.





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