Ibelieve that everyone has a fuel tank, that they are born with that has a leak in it. I don’t think we have control over how big that tank is, and life has a way of making the leakvbigger or assisting in sealing it up. However, along the way, there are so many things that we must learn about this fuel tank that are detrimental to our survival.

We must learn what’s the best fuel, How fast the take burns fuel, how much of an impact the leak has on our vessel and then we also have others in our lives that impact the leak, Subtract our fuel and add to it. There are a lot of moving pieces but one logic that is absolutely unhelpful is the “ one fuel, in life, I’m going to drive how I want until I’m on empty!” then there is just a pure lack of knowledge that the fuel exists and that it must constantly be refilled to keep us going and to compensate for our shortcomings (aka leaks in our tank).


Your tank needs attention, and what has worked for the next won’t always work for you. You’re not built the same, and while we are all human beings, we are not all created identically because we don’t all have the same purpose, passion, path, and provisions.

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