I have a 60-gallon freshwater fish tank at my home, which I have had for years. I have attempted to switch over to a saltwater tank but there is a lot more maintenance that goes into saltwater fish, than freshwater. For example, the filtration process for saltwater is much different than that of a freshwater tank. In a saltwater aquarium, it’s beneficial to let certain bacteria build up because the bacteria is good for the ecosystem. Both ecosystems require a water filter but what’s being filtered through is completely different.

Everything that you hear and see is through a filter. Your filter has been developed from your age, environment, culture, ethnicity, and how you were raised. This is important to know for several reasons, first of all, if you don’t know what is required of your system then you won’t know what needs to be filtered. I could never put the same chemicals into a freshwater aquarium as I would a saltwater aquarium and expect the fish to flourish. In addition, I would continue killing everything that’s in the tank because of my ignorance.

“Everything that you hear and see is through a filter.”

It’s also important to know that everything we hear and see is through a filter because we need to know when its time to clean or replace our filters. We can only handle so much, therefore we need to be mindful of when we have hit our capacity for filthiness, in order to cleanse ourselves again. Finally, it’s important to remember we receive everything through a filter is to remain mindful, that everybody does. Your filter is not the same as your neighbors and you shouldn’t expect it to be, but you shouldn’t put yourself into an environment that your filter isn’t designed to handle.


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