When the COVID-19 quarantine had begun one of the first things that came to a halt was professional sports. Entire seasons were canceled due to the outbreak of the virus. Before they knew the severity of it, there was some consideration to keep the games going, but without the fans being physically present. Some athletes and commentators said that it takes away from the game so much that it shouldn’t even be played!

It makes perfect sense, but one also has to ask the question (without the virus being a factor) “Do you play the game because you have a gift, talent or passion? Or do you play because of whose watching?” Are you capable of staying consistent, driven, and passionate when there are no spectators watching you? One thing that we must keep in mind throughout our daily endeavors is that someone is always watching.

“Do you play the game because you have a gift? Or do you play because of whose watching?”

Someone is always observing the way you play the game whether it’s in envy, admiration, or to shepherd. We must also be mindful that a gift is to be used for a purpose, not just for a specific place, therefore it’s not just limited to an area or location. Regardless of if you’re confined to one place or another your gift still has a purpose and should be utilized despite whose watching you utilize it. don’t squander it.


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