What will it be a beautiful lie or an attractive truth? Are you living a life worthy of an “immortal horror or an everlasting splendor”? This how the brilliant author and C.S Lewis painted the picture of mankind. When you walk down the street, go to work, interact with friend’s family, or complete strangers you’re never in the company of “ordinary people” or a “mere mortal”. Mortal is often referred to as a human being that is subject to death. Institutions, cultures, civilizations, nations, and art are more mortal than humans, and while we all shall perish one day, the piece of us that truly makes us “human” will never completely cease to exist.

From the most gifted person, you can think of to the person you consider to be one that lacks any interest at all, if you were to see them in another realm and when time ends and eternity begins you would see something you would be “tempted to worship” or a being of “horror and corruption” only seen in our reality in our nightmares. you are being navigated through life to the light or suggested to roam through the darkest terrains the world has to offer whether you know it or not.

Your free will, and actions are the only unique responses that you have to offer this world”.

 Your free will, and actions are the only unique responses that you have to offer this world. Be mindful of not only what you’re doing, but also how you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, and what is the navigational influences steering your decisions. P.S One of man’s greatest weaknesses is pride, even the pride of thinking we are the highest law of the land not requiring any submission or guidance.


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