“Let’s see how you deal with it. Normally people don’t deal with it that well.” That was Mike Tyson’s response when asked to elaborate on one of his most infamous quotes (No, not the one about eating an opponent’s babies lol). Before one of Mike Tyson’s fights when asked about the techniques his opponent planned to use for the fight, he responded “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. What an elegant use of words that describes life so wonderfully lol. Everybody has a plan or dreams for their life but what happens when life punches you in the mouth?

I guess a better question would be did you plan on getting punch and if so, how did you prepare before you got in the ring? Of course, you never know what type of punches life will throw at you, but two ways to surely feel the full impact of the blow is to never anticipate it coming or that the punch could be coming at you hard! another way to ensure getting your lights knocked out in the ring of life is by turning your attention away from the fight you’re engaged in while you’re in the midst of battle. I’m not sure if you got the memo but your enemy doesn’t play fair and it’s not waiting on you to get focused on it before it starts throwing haymakers.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. -Tyson

Underestimating life is a good way of getting killed or crippled in the ring. Have you ever heard the expression of someone having a “glass jaw “lol It basically means that if they get hit then they will more than likely fall from the pressure of a blow to the face! It’s an aggressive term but how’s your jaw? can you take a punch?! Sometimes people are afraid to take a punch so they never get in the ring, however for the sake of the analogy, Life is a ring and you were destined to get in it and fight. What doesn’t kill you…hurts like hell, so you’ll be better prepared for more punches and better techniques. P.S I’m sure Mike Tyson had to take a stellar punch (aside from handing them out) in order to understand just how much a punch can knock you off balance. What’s your plan, and how are life’s punches accounted for in it?


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