“Isthere a SIR Evans here?” the nurse said, entering the waiting room as though it was a burden for me to even make an appointment. I gather my things and make my way to follow her, somewhat irritated for the wait despite my early arrival, yet eager to get in and get my appointment over. “any fevers, headaches, sins you have experienced recently?” she said. “Scratching my head in confusion, to her question I simply reply ” no ma’am” as she shakes her head in disapproval and continues to walk me to a room. “Ok well, have a seat in here and God will be with you soon”.

Welcome to God’s waiting room, where many of you may refer to it as “life”, or “the world”. Welcome to the land where you can be 5 or 105, and the doctor is seeing patients of all ages, and ethnicity every day and every hour. You thought the hospital in your city was busy! well, you haven’t seen anything like this. There are over 2 million appointments (deaths) a day, and for some odd reason, the majority of the patients are completely oblivious to what they’re here for or that they’re in a waiting room. If you knew that you were in a waiting room wouldn’t you probably approach your time spent waiting for the doctor a little differently? what if you could go anywhere you wanted and do anything and be anyone, however, then the doc called your name, you’re coming in! you could be in Dubai or Detroit, but when your time is called, there I’ll be no hold on, give me a few more minutes or “I’m not ready”.

“No matter how big of a god complex you have, when the doctor calls, you WILL answer”.

The doctor is busy and the scheduling is perfect despite your imperfect perspective of how it should be.  Its like that company you work for that you hate how management runs things so you decide to quit or start your own business? Great idea, but welcome to one of the things  you can’t change and no matter how big of a god complex you have, when the doctor calls, you will answer. So, live your life like you’ve got somewhere to be! because you do. Don’t learn the hard wa….I apologize, the doctors sending me a message I’ll be back.


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