How do you know when someone is stupid? That’s a tough question. I’ve met some people who are really smart, but they’re doing some pretty stupid things. And then there are the other ones that don’t seem to be very bright, but they seem to be living wisely and going about their lives in a sensible manner. So, what does it take for someone to qualify as being “stupid”? Well…

Have you ever seen those “I’m with..” Shirts? Sometimes they’ll say “I’m with HIM/HER”, but one of my favorites is “I’m With Stupid” (insert arrow and queue the comedy). It really gives the famous quote from Forest Gump more clarity (Stupid is or stupid does). Imagine if you will, “stupid is” would be the person wearing the shirt, while “stupid does” is the one with stupid, being influenced! Some people love stupidity! They may not know it or they may not care, but they have a deep relationship with making choices with stupid. It’s like that family member or friend that you can almost guarantee hanging out with them is going to lead to trouble.

“As time goes on, our reasons for wanting to feel alive change. Nowadays, it’s more important for me to just be present with what is already happening around me”.

The same rule applies to stupid. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t seek wise or intelligent counsel before doing something that’s not in our best interest. Instead, we seek out the expertise of stupid. My dad used to always say; “It’s not what you do it’s how you do it”. Well, I got one for ya too “It’s not just who you talk to, it’s also what you talk to them about.

Stop consulting airheads about matters that don’t involve air! Stop consulting people with the same weaknesses as you on how to overcome the same weakness. Stop saying “you’re fine” to people that can see through you like clean glass, it’s just stupid.

Not to mention, typically after engaging in acts of severe stupidity we come to the wise and intelligent ones around us for solutions to our stupid problems. How about we change the narrative from “I’m my biggest competition” to “I’m with stupid, and I need to break free”

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