Animals can be so amusing at times especially dogs. There’s nothing like watching a dog that has encountered itself in the reflection of a mirror. It becomes an all-out war for that dog! It appears to be an epic battle that the dog doesn’t realize they’ll never win, from which I find myself saying “those simple-minded dogs are so easily entertained”. It’s interesting because I’ve also witnessed my fish do the same thing and mankind as well. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we often share some of the same simple-minded ways of thinking like a fish or a dog.

We compete with who we see in the mirror even when we are not standing in front of it! We supposedly “know” better, yet we settle for not doing better to avoid making ourselves our own biggest competition. You’re not perfect, and no you never will be, and that’s okay! You won’t always make the best decisions in your life, and that’s okay too because you’re not perfect! But what I think we must begin to shift our thinking on is being a competitor to ourselves. A competitor is another word for rival and a rival is someone competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field. One could argue that a part of YOU is in competition with another part of YOU in order to gain ALL of you…

By labeling yourself as the enemy you’re permitting outside interference to influence your choices & leaving you to blame for self inflicted wounds”.

If you have a mental health disorder such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder this would make sense and this message isn’t for you! but if you don’t, then maybe you should  consider stop fighting with yourself INTENTIONALLY! By labeling yourself as the enemy you’re permitting outside interference to influence your choices and leaving you to blame for self inflicted wounds. It’s like saying “The Devil made me do it” when the devil doesn’t have that much power! You are one entity with several layers, and one of your layers may be out of alignment. Which may lead to inner conflict but it’s still not you vs you, it’s just you versus the influential principalities in higher realms that surround us with suggestions. Perhaps you just need reinforcements operating in the same realm!




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