I remember there was this evangelist that used to be on television when I was a kid. I remember turning the channel every time he came on because it had absolutely nothing to do with cartoons lol however, I remember what he used to say at the beginning of every episode. He used to start every episode with “Don’t just sit there! You have to DO something!”

 I can still feel the vigor of his voice and the passion he placed into that one statement. So, before you skip on to the next message and before you let the day slip by you as so many have done before, I want to let those words live vicariously through me and remind you not to just sit there! You have to DO Something! The life that you desire for you and your family will never just materialize! God has never made a home but he has made millions of trees! What did you do today, that will move you closer to the vision that has given to you of tomorrow?

“Don’t just sit there! You have to DO something!”

We’re not mind-readers and despite the monotony of the days we have encountered we never know what tomorrow holds and whether or not it will even hold us or those that we hold dear to us. We must ask ourselves daily “what am I doing, to make advancements in my life?” The answer doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or earth-shattering, but the answer should be greater than nothing.




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