Did you know that there is only so much protein that the body can digest at a time? For many striving to gain muscle, protein is a great source, and while there are methods to increase the body’s ability to digest more protein there is still a limit. The same holds true for carbohydrates, which the body uses as a source of fuel. If these nutrients aren’t used then the body will get rid of them or store them in the body most likely as fat.

In order to rid the body of some of these toxins and these unused nutrients, we detox. A detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; otherwise known as detoxification. Oftentimes I will detox my body of toxins through a cleanse, and also the through fasting from various things in order to cleanse myself of toxins being put into my mind and soul.

“Knowledge can spoil when it’s not converted to experience and retained as wisdom”.


A detox is helpful because it allows us to empty ourselves of excess that could potentially be impacting us. Even knowledge can spoil when it’s not converted to experience and retained as wisdom. The same can be said of ambition and any other thing we feed ourselves so abundantly that the intentions become ill. Perhaps its time to detach from some of the substances that have been feeding you, in order to obtain a clearer perspective of not only the world you live but the body you were entrusted.



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