There is an artist by the name Jonty Hurwitz who captivated the art world with his nano sculptures. His desire to combine art and science encouraged him to create the smallest human sculptures ever. Two pieces of work that stood out to me were; “Eyelash Surfer” and “Trust”, one of which depicts a woman surfing on an eyelash and the other is a woman dancing on the eye of a needle.

The only way to observe these works is through a non-optical method of magnification such as a scanning electron microscope! It’s fascinating how Jonty was able to think so far outside of the box while restricting his art to be constructed on perhaps the smallest canvas ever. During times when we feel boxed in, we must work more diligently to create something brilliant with limited space, time and resources. While there is one hand with power that may be putting pressure on you to fold, fail or give up, the larger hand is always placing us in situations where we can be tested to see just how much we can flourish & have faith in abnormal situations.

You may not be able to see the potential in the canvas given to you right now, but the canvas was given to you nonetheless. Your efforts will be on display eventually. When you look back, were you creative enough to present new art in the next season of your life?

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