Have you ever received a motivational or inspirational word that began with; “I heard”, “I read”, “I saw” or how about “I learned”? The majority of great words of wisdom are ignited with statements like these because they require some level of community, communication or engagement outside the realm of self-righteousness and self-gratification.

Everyone has a “get-successful state of mind” quick scheme, a snap of the finger method for happiness, but what about the funk? What about the grey days, the blah moments the roadblocks that leave us feeling trapped in our own heads looking for answers. The truth is we don’t have all the answers! And you’re not always okay!

” great words of wisdom require some level of community, communication or engagement “

The correlation between all of those phrases mentioned was that they required the messenger to listen, seek knowledge or seek some type of enlightenment outside of their own understanding. Most of my brightest exits from dark moments of despair were presented by the light of someone or thing else Be open to absorbing from around. Because when the sun doesn’t shine forever, it’s up to us to know where to turn for shelter.


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