What if you got on the road and every lane had a wall instead of the dotted lines that separate traffic? Do you know how problematic and taxing that would be? you wouldn’t be able to change lanes, make turns when you needed to, or see the traffic around you! Its such a far-fetched notion, but its how many of us create emotional, mental, & spiritual barriers in our lives.

I spoke earlier this week about how we should have boundaries in our lives, and how healthy boundaries assist in maintaining order and protection in our lives, but what happens when these borders become toxic? They turn into walls, which are also known as strongholds. Boundaries become walls when they are manufactured out of a sense of fear, anger, sadness or anxiety (to name a few). Where boundaries were implemented for safety and security walls were created, solely for the purpose of not wanting to face what would happen if something crossed those boundaries.

“Boundaries become walls (Strongholds) when they are manufactured out of a sense of fear”.

They are usually formed during moments of unhealed hurt or pain that was never addressed, therefore the mind and the spirits create fortresses inside of us to house our fears. If we never take the time to address these “unhealthy” boundaries, then the walls can never be torn down and we succumb to living a life that doesn’t have lanes just walls and barricades preventing us from living a life we were supposed to.

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