A good friend of mine asked me what my end goal in life was. It didn’t take me long to respond because I already know what it is. He responded “that’s one of the things I always like about you, is that you always have a plan, even if one doesn’t work you have another. I thought about that statement for a while and it made me think about my past and what I have learned about having a plan.

I learned that there is a big difference between having a plan and believing in your plan, and there was a season in which I didn’t confidently believe. There was a time after my mother and my sister passed away when I didn’t believe in tomorrow. I didn’t see any point in planning for the future because the future wasn’t promised. I slouched through half of college academically with this mind state because subconsciously I didn’t believe I would ever complete it. But in the midst of these events, losing hundreds of pounds, pledging to a Fraternity, graduating college & starting a business I began to realize that; God was showing me that there was pain in progression. I was being shown that the combination of faith, planning, and action were much more effective than failing to plan or not believing in a plan at all.

“There is a big difference between having a plan and believing in your plan”.


If you look back on your life, you will find a trail of successes and failures. Some of those you planned for and some you didn’t but they are all a result of your ability or inability to act. Have confidence in your mind no matter how big the vision appears. Vision is the prerequisite for a plan and a plan is essential to execution.




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