We live in a competitive world, and in some instances, competition can be a healthy motivator to propel us through challenging endeavors. But on the other hand, competition breeds envy, resentment, insecurities involving your self-worth and form of mental and emotional gluttony that keeps one feeding for more and more despite an actual hunger but instead just a desire to get higher than the competition.

I have to remind myself in the midst of a field driven by results that I am not motivated by competition. I used to use the phrase “I don’t see competition like I’m battling blind!” which means simply I don’t see the competition! However, those negative feelings are only fueled when we genuinely “feel” there is a competition that is potentially going to take what we have or that provokes fear on some level. What is yours is going to be yours regardless of what competition encourages.

“I don’t see competition like I’m battling blind!”

The thing that stands in between you and what is yours is space. You have to move towards it to obtain it and if you don’t obtain it, yet someone else does then it wasn’t yours! We have to keep a handle on our urges to compete because competition can be like a fire and when it’s contained it can be useful, but when it is not it will surely destroy.


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