One thing I have learned that might come as a shocker to some is that people do not listen! I think we were already aware that people don’t really care about your personal affairs, but even those who care for you don’t often listen to you. Do you listen to agree/disagree or do you listen for understanding? Where this is beneficial is when we are looking to improve in our lives or advance to a new level.

I think often times we ask for signs or direction in our lives, but when we get it, we don’t pay attention because we don’t understand how to do so! There is a certain amount of data retained from reading, vs speaking and in order to retain any of it one has to take in the information from an intent to listen versus an intent to simply agree or disagree with what they’re hearing.

“Do you listen to agree/disagree or do you listen for understanding?”.

Your agreement or disagreement on a particular subject is typically based upon your own knowledge and experiences, however listening to understand is an intent to absorb the understanding and experiences of another. How can you agree or disagree with someone’s experience if you don’t even understand it? It doesn’t even really make sense that we often attempt to do so. You may be receiving a Word that you need or that you requested today, so don’t miss it, by having your ears on and mind off




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