In 2017, Facebook shut down its artificial intelligence bot because it had began to create its own language. Initially thought to be because the robot went “rogue” which could be true, it was ultimately because the language was counterproductive to the end goal of the creator. In this day in age there is a lot of concern as to whether robots will replace men.

Whether or not robots will become so intelligent that they no longer require man to exist and they begin to function on their own somehow eradicating mankind as we know it!….. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? It actually sounds ironic to me, and it feels like a repeat episode. Because, in this day in age we think that we can exist without our programmer, designer, coder, manufacturer, designer & creator. Yet one must truly ponder on how well you’re actually doing on your own.

“ How often do you consult the architect about the blueprint?”

Oftentimes we look at the machines/ people around us for the answers to our existence, and when all else fails we simply download a default option. But when will you actually inquire to the designer for your process and programming? How often do you consult the architect about the blueprint? … if it’s gets to the point that we appear rogue or counterproductive, don’t ever think that getting shutdown is not an option. After all, you just rent here God owns here.

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