I have never asked someone “Hey, how are you doing?” and they respond “Oh, I’m doing pretty good, just taking six days at a time!” I’ve never heard a therapist, a substance abuse program, mentor, or life coach advocate focusing on 4 steps at a time in order to be successful! It sounds silly, but we do it daily.

When you were a child, learning how to walk up and downstairs, I’m pretty sure you didn’t climb multiple stairs at once. You didn’t go from the first step to the fourth step and you didn’t jump down an entire flight (Perhaps you did later lol). your first encounters were probably not even one step at a time, for you probably crawled your way from one step to another. It’s easier to get from point A to B than it is to get from A to F! However, this method isn’t always applied to other areas of life that it should be. Seldomly do we see people skipping stairs (unless they’re in a hurry or working out) but oftentimes we attempt to skip steps when we are pursuing endeavors in life.

“It’s easier to get from point A to B than it is to get from A to F!

Take your time! you’re, not a baby anymore and you’re comprehension skills have far surpassed your understanding as an adolescent. Therefore, we must assess the situations we encounter and evaluate what it takes to climb the staircase to the destination we are headed to. If we don’t do this, then we run the chance of missing an important step or endangering ourselves because we were in a hurry or not taking the time to pay attention.


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